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Sports Memorabilia

Kids Club

Our most popular program is our “Kids Club”. This is held one Sunday a month from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Kids learn the history of cards, how to read the Beckett for values. They play “Pack Wars” and we have trivia questions. All kids receive packs of cards, supplies and prizes by participating in the games. Prizes include autograph cards, Game used cards, packs and card supplies. All of this is done at NO COST to the kids or parents. Even the younger kids that can’t answer the trivia questions get a chance to win cards by playing rock, paper, scissors.

MLB Club House

We also host MLB Clubhouse events where Cub Scout dens and Boy Scouts can earn collecting merit badges. We run this the same as the Kids Club with the full support of MLB & MLBPA.

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